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October 2019 Update

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Happy Fall and welcome to the new subscribers!

I have spent many enjoyable hours writing during the summer and I have started my second draft of the book. With the help of a writing coach, I am reviewing each chapter one by one. I also appreciate the help and feedback I receive from “Icedash” a great group of writers who meet once a month where I live in Shediac, New Brunswick.

Opportunities to continue learning keep showing up and I sign up when I can. In October, I participated in a workshop in Halifax given by Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love (among many other books). She is a fascinating speaker and gave us food for thought as she led us through writing exercises which helped us face our fears and discover our strengths. I have signed up for another writing retreat in November, organized by the Writers Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB).
I am making progress; the writing is coming along nicely and I still love it. I will be back with another update in early 2020.

Thank you for your interest, support and patience.

July 2019 Update

In the last week of June, I participated in a wonderful writing retreat Writing by The Sea. It was held in Victoria by The Sea, a beautiful and inviting village on Prince Edward Island.

I learned about the technicalities of writing, about structure, process and prompts. But I mostly learned through conversations, and sharing with a wonderful and inspiring group of authors. Our host and instructor, Trevor Corkum, asked questions that brought conversations to a level much deeper than thought. I appreciated the discussions about perseverance, intuition and creativity. I loved listening to the inner wisdom of the participants, as they shared their work. I understood that I was not to compare myself or my writing to other people. And I finally grasped the concept, that all books are written in stages… first draft, second draft, third draft and so on until it is ready to be released. I now understand more fully the process of writing a book and the amount of time it may require to have it completed. This brought me to reflect on my project and to re-evaluate my goals. It helped me to assess where I am presently and where I want to go with my book. I also walked away knowing that it takes more than one person to write a book and I understood the kind of help I will need to move forward. Summer is upon us and for me that means many activities with family and friends. I plan to enjoy all of it fully. I will update you again, on the progress of my book, in the fall. Enjoy the summer, soak it all in! Yolande

June 2019 Update

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It has now been a whole year since I began writing my book. The last weekend of the month of May I attended “Wordspring”, the spring event offered by the Writers Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB).  It was a wonderful weekend filled with workshops, a panel discussion, presentations, the sale of books, and much more. I met authors, editors, publishers, and received so much information. I left, feeling full of all this knowledge, and was anxious to apply all that I had learned. I came home, looked at my book and suddenly I felt overwhelmed! The book will most likely not be published this year, and if I go with a traditional publisher, it may not even be published next year. Some publishers are now accepting books that will only be coming out in 2021. It was clear to me now that whether you chose to self-publish or are fortunate enough to be accepted by a traditional publisher, it is a long and arduous process.

The more I tried to improve my writing and tried to apply all I had learned the more discouraged I became. Doubt introduced itself: “This is crazy, whatever made you think you could write a book? This chapter does not fit here, that paragraph is all wrong, there is a chapter missing and the last chapters are poorly written!”  I put my book down. The image in my mind was that I had just dropped it and there it laid, broken and in pieces. I could not put it back together again.

Two weeks passed; I did not touch it. Occasionally I would glare at it. It was still broken. Then, I visited my son who is a professional actor and he reminded me that this is all part of the process. It was true. I remembered that when I created workshops, when I worked on a paper which needed to be submitted, or even when I worked on a painting, there would almost always come a time when I felt overwhelmed. Where nothing seems to fit or make sense.  It is then that I would have to step back, take a break, return to my first intention and choose to keep on working at it. I do want to write this book and I will finish it.  I must trust the process.

Thank you for hanging in there with me.


May 2019 Update

Hello and welcome to new subscribers!

Everyday life, travels, and responsibilities sometimes consume all space and time. April was that way for me. My book had to be put to the side with a promise to come back to it soon. In my head, words kept swirling around waiting to be spilled on paper.  In my heart, an occasional nudge and a whisper: “when?”

Yesterday I completed the last chapter of the book as I had planned to write it. But one never knows where a book may lead you. A little voice from inside keeps telling that there are still perhaps two or three more chapters to write.  So, on with the writing…

Wishing you well

April 2019 Update

Happy spring everyone!

On the first day of spring, the winners of the Hay House Writer’s Workshop Contest were announced. If you log on to the Hay House Face book page you will be able to read about the winning proposals. My book was not chosen. Was I disappointed? A little, I could have used the support. However, I am confident that they chose well. I believe that my book, as it was presented, was not yet meant to go out into the world.

Now, I need to move on to « plan B ». I have only one chapter left to write in the book as I had planned it. Then, the first draft will be complete. My plan was to submit a second proposal to another publishing company as soon as possible. But lately, I feel inspired to continue writing. Perhaps the book is not yet complete. So, I will continue to write and see what happens. I have also signed up for more workshops in May and June. I am really happy about this; I still have much to learn.

Thank you for being with me on this journey,


March 2019 Update

Welcome everyone!

Writing this book is giving me great joy. I love to write with pen and paper. Every time a new thought or idea about my book crosses my mind, I write it down. Sometimes, a whole chapter will come to me and I can write the first draft from start to finish.  Other times, it will be given in short blurbs… a thought, an insight, a feeling that I jot down in my journal. Then suddenly, I am inspired to read parts and pieces of what I have written. It is almost like walking through a field and picking flowers. I gather them, arrange them to see how they best fit together, and then another chapter is revealed.

This is the month where the winner of the Hay House Writers Workshop contest will be chosen. The announcement will be made on March 21 on the Hay House Face book page. There are three prizes to be won. One winner will get a contract to have their book published by Hay House. The second and third prizes are publishing packages from Balboa press. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this contest. Regardless of whether I get one of these prizes or not, I am a winner! Writing this book at this time in my life is a priceless gift!

Thank you for your interest.


February 2019 Update

Long Lost Mon

Welcome and thank you to all new subscribers.
I want to thank all of you for your interest in my book. I am enjoying writing it. I compare it to traveling. It is like a journey where I go from chapter to chapter and discover the hidden treasures that each reveals. I learn, I grow, and I transform, never to be the same as before. It is an inside journey rather than traveling to a physical destination!
This month, I am considering sending in a another proposal to a second publisher.  Preparing a book proposal requires much time and attention. However, I still continue to write and work on my book.
Thank you for your support.

January 2019

In May 2018, when I said yes to writing a book, I knew I had a story to share but also much to learn! I started by attending a 2-day Writer’s Workshop with Hay House, my favourite publishing company. As a participant of the workshop, I was also given the privilege of submitting a Book Proposal to win a publishing contract with Hay House. Immediately, I started writing my book!  After writing several chapters and a rough draft for the remaining chapters, I completed my proposal. It was submitted at the beginning of December. The winner will be announced on March 21 2019.  In the meantime I continue to write.

Periodically, I will send messages to keep you posted on the progress of my book until it is published.