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October 2020

Fall is a perfect time to learn about the concept of non-attachment.
Observing the beautiful colours of fall, I watch the leaves as they detach from the branches. The tree lets them go without resistance. The leaves, carried by the wind, will land wherever they may and will become nourishment in the soil for new growth in the spring.

A thought comes to mind. The time has come to let my book go. I do my best to take a lesson from the tree. I release it, believing it too will fall where it may and perhaps bring hope to someone, somewhere in the future.

I have moved on to the next phase and I am now seeking a publisher. Although I have doubts and fears, I choose to focus on the wise words of a well-respected author from my writing group. “Be prepared for long waits and plenty of rejections” he shared with me “and also know there is a publisher wanting your book.”

Be well, stay safe and enjoy the beautiful colours of fall.