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Book Author Yolande

By Yolande Essiembre

Long Lost Mom


Never, ever, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would write a book! Nor did I think of myself as an author when I created sessions, prepared conferences and wrote letters and reports throughout my career. But all that changed abruptly one morning when I received notice that the laws concerning adoption records were going to change. I knew many lives were about to be altered, as mine had been two years ago. Immediately, I knew deep within me that I had to tell my story.

I am very excited about writing my first book.

Yolande Essiembre


Yolande Essiembre

What if, for 46 years, you knew you had a long lost child, one you had given up for adoption but had been on your mind and in your heart for all that time? This had always felt like something to hide from, never to talk about again.

The book Long Lost Mom, a memoir, is my story as a mother who gave a child up for adoption. It is also the story of an adult child searching for and finding his long lost mom. It speaks of how mother and son, sharing memories, sadness, secrets and loss, create a trusting relationship, one that neither ever thought possible.

I am writing this book because I believe it can provide affirmation and support to many people.  At one time, all adoption records were sealed, and very little information was available. Currently, in many countries, the laws concerning obtaining information on an adopted child or a biological parent are changing.  While for some biological mothers, adoptive children, and adoptive parents this is welcome news, many are worried about the implications this will have in their personal lives. My intention is for this book to bring a ray of hope to those living a similar experience and to all who have an interest.


In addition to accreditations in various types of counselling and coaching, Yolande Essiembre holds a master of theology degree from Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec), a certificate in social work and a certificate in religious sciences from the Université de Moncton (New Brunswick).  During the last 15 years of her career, she worked in organizational development and as a wellness counsellor in the human relations field. Since her retirement, she has created and facilitated sessions in personal and spiritual development and is now in the process of writing her book.

She is a member of WFNB (Writer’s Federation New Brunswick)    

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