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It is time to do something different! 

Over the last four years, the first three while writing my book and in the last year while submitting proposals to publishers, it was my hope to be picked up by a traditional publishing house. I thought of this as being similar to obtaining a diploma. It would give me status, credibility and recognition as an author.  I had not given serious consideration to self-publishing as I viewed it as less impressive, less validating, less important. As time went by my ego held on to this notion, until one day a friend asked me if that was what I really wanted. I had to ask myself a very important question: What motivated me to write this book? None of the descriptors above were found in my answer. I had simply felt called to share my story because I wanted to inspire hope to the many women who were still living in fear of being found and to all the adult children who were seeking answers about their past.

Now, I realize it’s time to do something different. As a new author, I do not want to wait for years to be chosen by a traditional publisher. Why not let go the stress of societal expectations, and honour myself and my story by releasing it and letting it take its place in the world? I am happy to announce that I have chosen to publish my book with Tellwell, a self-publishing with assistance company. I have been told the book could be ready in approximately six months. Much work remains to be done and I will keep you posted on the progress in January.

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