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April 2021

It is spring and it is also six months since I began sending out book proposals to publishing companies. Often, I am asked “Have you heard any news about your book yet?” The answer is yes. I did receive a response to my very first proposal. It was a lovely handwritten letter by the owner, explaining why he did not choose my book for publishing. Surprisingly, I did not feel rejected. On the contrary, I felt motivated by his words. He encouraged me to keep searching for a publisher who publishes similar types of books. I felt honoured when he wrote that he believes there is a readership for the book. It confirmed my belief that there is a publisher for my book out there; I simply have not found them yet.

As I write this, I catch a glimpse of a banditry of chickadees circling a tree nearby. They land on the bare branches and begin to chirp pleasantly. They are numerous. I remind myself that publishers also are numerous. I simply have to keep researching and sending out proposals. I believe one will publish my book when the time is right.

Have a happy spring!