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Happy Fall and welcome to the new subscribers!

I have spent many enjoyable hours writing during the summer and I have started my second draft of the book. With the help of a writing coach, I am reviewing each chapter one by one. I also appreciate the help and feedback I receive from “Icedash” a great group of writers who meet once a month where I live in Shediac, New Brunswick.

Opportunities to continue learning keep showing up and I sign up when I can. In October, I participated in a workshop in Halifax given by Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love (among many other books). She is a fascinating speaker and gave us food for thought as she led us through writing exercises which helped us face our fears and discover our strengths. I have signed up for another writing retreat in November, organized by the Writers Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB).
I am making progress; the writing is coming along nicely and I still love it. I will be back with another update in early 2020.

Thank you for your interest, support and patience.