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In the last week of June, I participated in a wonderful writing retreat Writing by The Sea. It was held in Victoria by The Sea, a beautiful and inviting village on Prince Edward Island.

I learned about the technicalities of writing, about structure, process and prompts. But I mostly learned through conversations, and sharing with a wonderful and inspiring group of authors. Our host and instructor, Trevor Corkum, asked questions that brought conversations to a level much deeper than thought. I appreciated the discussions about perseverance, intuition and creativity. I loved listening to the inner wisdom of the participants, as they shared their work. I understood that I was not to compare myself or my writing to other people. And I finally grasped the concept, that all books are written in stages… first draft, second draft, third draft and so on until it is ready to be released. I now understand more fully the process of writing a book and the amount of time it may require to have it completed. This brought me to reflect on my project and to re-evaluate my goals. It helped me to assess where I am presently and where I want to go with my book. I also walked away knowing that it takes more than one person to write a book and I understood the kind of help I will need to move forward. Summer is upon us and for me that means many activities with family and friends. I plan to enjoy all of it fully. I will update you again, on the progress of my book, in the fall. Enjoy the summer, soak it all in! Yolande