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May your New Year be happy and may you be showered with blessings of health, peace and love.

I have confidence that each of us can contribute to the happiness and well-being of others. Scientists tell us that everything is energy, that we are energy. I believe that just as our energy can be depleted by being around people whose energy and thoughts are negative or low, our energy can also be boosted by those whose energy and thoughts are positive and vibrate at a higher frequency. My energy is boosted by your positivity and hopefulness that this book will one day be released.

I feel good about the progress of my book; so far, eight chapters have been reviewed by my coach. His comments and remarks are very helpful and inspire me. I plan to submit four more chapters for review before theĀ end of March.

As we begin a new year, and I continue to revise and write the second draft of my book, I want to thank each and every one of you for boosting my energy!

In gratitude,