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Happy spring everyone!

On the first day of spring, the winners of the Hay House Writer’s Workshop Contest were announced. If you log on to the Hay House Face book page you will be able to read about the winning proposals. My book was not chosen. Was I disappointed? A little, I could have used the support. However, I am confident that they chose well. I believe that my book, as it was presented, was not yet meant to go out into the world.

Now, I need to move on to « plan B ». I have only one chapter left to write in the book as I had planned it. Then, the first draft will be complete. My plan was to submit a second proposal to another publishing company as soon as possible. But lately, I feel inspired to continue writing. Perhaps the book is not yet complete. So, I will continue to write and see what happens. I have also signed up for more workshops in May and June. I am really happy about this; I still have much to learn.

Thank you for being with me on this journey,